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April 01, 2013


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Dick Baumer


As always, Brutus had an "excellent adventure" this past weekend at SDDR. The ride on the ATV Sat. morning was an experience I will never forget. The beautiful hills of a dozen shades of green, the wildflowers, the dogs running joyously free in their pack, cattle and horses grazing and the view sweeping down to that cobalt blue ocean was breath-taking. Too bad everyone can't see that. Of all the places I have ever left Brutus, yours is the only one where I don't feel guilty driving away after the drop-off. In fact I feel a little jealous that he's the one who is going to enjoy his time with you. Just seeing the look on his fuzzy face when I picked him up was enough to know he is stoked to return soon. And we will.
Dick B.

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